CTF Training Camp for Hackers: Introduction Session

Register Now: https://forms.gle/GzWNiwEMRzCGHMJB6 Title: CTF Training Camp for Hackers: Introduction SessionLocation: Room 833, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building (SHB), CUHKDate: Monday, 20 September, 7:30 PMLanguage: English OIL will start the year by offering a series of training for the different categories in CTF. In this information session of CTF Training Camp for Hackers, we will introduce what […]

Flutter 101 by DSC at CUHK

Date: 4 Nov 2019 Venue: Room 833, Ho Sin-hang Engg. Bldg. (SHB), CUHK Speakers: Nikunj Taneja & Yousif Alebyary Mahmoud Title: Flutter 101 Abstract: Info session for DSC CUHK – the Club’s purpose, introducing Core Team, announcement of opening of Member applications; How to Flutter – an introductory workshop on Flutter, Google’s framework for building […]

Information Session for CTF Training Camp

We are providing a series of training for CTF this semester. Every student can join and improve your hacking skills as well as learn more cyber security knowledge. Around 50 people came to information session last night. Thank you all for coming and special thanks to those CTF members who volunteered to organise the training […]

NFC Hacking Workshop

We hade an exciting workshop lastnight. Xianbo from CUHK together with Amon and Anson from PolyU brought their RFID hacking devices and demonstrated the power of RFID hacking. Before that, a brief talk was given to the audience to introduce the basic knowledge of RFID and its secutity. Slides for last night’s talk and some […]