Information Session for CTF Training Camp

We are providing a series of training for CTF this semester. Every student can join and improve your hacking skills as well as learn more cyber security knowledge. Around 50 people came to information session last night. Thank you all for coming and special thanks to those CTF members who volunteered to organise the training camp.

As said in the information session, in the following month there will be four training sessions, each one with a specific topic:

  • 5 Feb 7:30 PM: Web (SQL Injection, XSS, SSRF, etc.)
  • 12 Feb 7:30 PM: Crypto (Classic cipher, RSA, etc.)
  • 26 Feb 7:30 PM: Binary (pwn, reverse, crack)
  • 5 March 7:30 PM: Misc (forensic, android, network)

Location: SHB 833

Hope to see you all in those training sessions.

BTW: These 4 training sessions are for basic entry level, there will be more advanced trainings afterwards. Please check our websites or join our whatsapp group (invite link is in the slides) for updates.

Below are some photos and also the slide of last night’s information session.

Download (PDF, 1.11MB)

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