CTF Training Camp for Hackers: Topic 1 & Topic2

Recently, the first two CTF training sessions had been successfully held.

The first session on 5 Feb was about web hacking. The speakers, Chris and Raymond are both CS undergraduate as well as participants of last year’s PwC CTF. They explained basic knowledge and techniques like SQLi and XSS with assistant of interesting examples. After the talk, our current team members also reviewed writeup of CTFs they played that month.

The second session was held on 12 Feb with topic related to crypto. Thanks to Jason and Xaviera, students could get more familiar with cryptographic problems in CTFs. They started from classic and simple cryptographic to advanced ones like RSA. Some challenges in past CTF competitions were also explained for better understanding.

Also, we had a WhatsApp group for discussion and sharing. If you want to join it, please drop us an email at cuhkoil@gmail.com.

Slides for both sessions are attached below

Download (PDF, 746KB)

Download (PDF, 1.45MB)

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