CTF Training Camp for Hackers Workshop Series

We have held almost all of the CTF Training Camp for Hackers workshops planned for the year. The CTF training camp is meant for those who are interested in information security and Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions.

So far we have held basic training for those with little to no experience in programming and Linux, 2 workshops on web security, where we have discussed some client-side and server-side attacks related to web; 3 out of 4 workshops on binary exploitation (PWN), where we have discussed memory corruption vulnerabilities like stack and heap overflows, exploitations using the vulnerabilities like return to libc (ret2libc) and return-oriented programming (ROP), and modern mitigation strategies; and 2 workshops on cryptography, where we have discussed classical cryptography, modern block cipher (AES) and public-key cryptography (RSA), and attacks to those cryptosystems.

  Wednesday Thursday
Oct7: Basic Training
13: Web Security 1
20: Binary Exploitation 121: Web Security 2
27: Binary Exploitation 228: Cryptography 1
Nov3: Binary Exploitation 34: Cryptography 2
10: Binary Exploitation 4
 18: HKCERT writeup sharing
25: PwC HackaDay Bootcamp

All the training have been held in Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building (SHB) Rm 801, at 7:30 pm, lasting approximately two hours.

All the recordings and slides of the workshops are available on our discord channel. Join any event from us to receive an invitation to the discord channel where we also have discussions there.

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