Drone: Features, Commercial Applications, Investigations

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Drone has been popular in recent years around the world, allowing people to take video and pictures from a remote place. Besides personal recreations, usage of drones is emerging in different sectors like agriculture, construction, logistics, telecommunications, etc. In the first part of this talk, features and commercial applications of drones will be discussed to give an overview of the drone market.

On the other hand, drones are also great tools to steal private information. Organizations have looked for ways to acquire data from drones, especially lost drones in forbidden area, to reveal where did the drone go and what did it captured and sent. Oxygen Forensics is the first forensic tool in the world that can parse and decode drone data. This presentation will further explain how a drone store and stream data, and what information can be revealed from drones.

Solon Li, is the authorized trainer for Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, in Hong Kong. Solon graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), with double degree in Mathematics and Information Engineering in 2011 and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Information Engineering in 2013.

During his research study and work in CUHK, he invented a document anti-forgery technology using customized QR codes. This technology has won the winner award in Asia Pacific ICT Alliance in 2013 in the R&D category, and received over 1.5 million funding support from Hong Kong Government (ITF) and CUHK. He also received outstanding teaching awards for tutoring in courses on cyber security and web programming.

Based on his research results, he founded Authpaper Ltd, providing software solutions on e-document anti-forgery. He received an award in the Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) 2015 and now joins the Cyberport Incubation Program 2016 (Intake 18). Solon had joined Unissoft Technology Company Limited in 2017, focusing on developing Blockchain applications to certify document signings. He is also a certified examiner (EnCE) to provide computer examinations and forensic services.

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