OILCTF was Successfully Concluded

During last weekend, we host our first internal Capture the Flag competition, which we called OILCTF. Challenges are designed by members of CUHK CTF team g33z. This CTF aims to provide students some exercises as a follow-up of CTF Training Camp. After 48 hours, 0x000505AD won the 1st place with almost all challenges. Congrats! There will be […]

War Stories from an Ethical Hacker

Felix is an ethical hacker with PwC with more than 10 years of experience. This Monday, he came to Open Innovation Lab and gave an excellent talk about his “war stories” as an ethical hacker, experience of dealing with cyber criminals in his multiple cyber wars and career path as an ethical hacker/ cybersecurity professional. […]

Announcement: Launch of SSTeM: the new Support System for our Tech Meetups

Exciting news: we have recently launched SSTeM, our new Support System for Tech Meetups. This system consists of the: Event Registration and Check-in subsystem Suggestion Management subsystem Automatic Posting subsystem With SSTeM system, you no longer need to repeatedly input your information into our Google registration form every time you attend OIL Meetups. Below are instructions on how to use […]

Sign into Your App Accounts with Facebook and Sina

Speaker: Ronghai Yang Mainstream Identity Providers (e.g. Facebook, Sina) have adopted OAuth 2.0 protocol to support Single-Sign-On service. We will present several OAuth vulnerabilities, all of which can be exploited to sign into a victim’s mobile app account. These vulnerabilities have affected lots of popular third-party applications. Part of the result has been demonstrated on […]