Trading and creating ERC-20 tokens within an hour by only Google Chrome

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Time: 7:30 PM, 29 Oct, Monday

Venue: Room 833, Ho sin-hang Engg. Bldg., CUHK


ICO has become very popular in recent years. In May 2018 alone, over 1.5 billion USD have been raised via ICO. An essential part of the ICO is writing up a smart contract to create a token, most likely ERC-20 compatible, and sell the token to the public. Most people thought making a smart contract is very complicated and require a lot of system configurations. On the other hand, as most cryptocurrency wallets do not support all ERC-20 tokens, keeping ICO tokens seem to be hard.

In this talk, I will show you how to keep new ERC-20 token in a wallet and creates a new ERC-20 token by only Google Chrome, MetaMask (Chrome extension), and two public websites.


Li Chak Man, Solon is the founders of Authpaper Limited, which provides technology advisory and software development services, especially on blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is also an authorized trainer for Oxygen Forensics and examiner (EnCE) on forensic services.

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