Crypto Puzzles in CTF – from beginner to winner


We enjoyed an excellent talk by Samuel. This is only the first of the series of three talks and most basic and classic cryptographic knowledges were covered in this beginner level talk, the next two will be more fun and challenging.

We have just edited and uploaded the video. Don’t miss it!



Speaker: Samuel is a math graduate from CUHK. He is enthusiastic to cyber security, especially CTF games. He has capture the checkered flag in ASTRI CTF, and participated to host VXCTF 2018. He is currently a CTF player as the team 0x000505AD. Being constantly played by cryptography challenges, he had learnt how crypto works. The sessions would lead people to enter the hell of cryptography, or at least, encrypt the brains

Venue: Ho sin-hang engg bldg 833

Beginner – 26 Sept, 7:00 PM
Medium – 15 Oct, 7:00 PM
Advanced – TBD

*Please bring your laptop to the workshop

Event registration link:


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