Rubik’s Cube Workshop Series

In the last two weeks, we had two sessions of Rubik’s cube workshop. Basically, the first one was about how to solve cubes fast and the second one was about how to solve any cubes.

In the first session: Into the World of Rubik’s Cubes, our honoured guest speaker Yin Mulun, the current record holder of 3x3x3 speedcubing in China, shared us his experience in cube contests and funny stuffs in cube’s community. After the talk, some audience played cubes and discussed with speaker, which last for another half an hour.

You can view/download the slides below:

Download (PDF, 3.42MB)

In the second session: Tricks to Develop Solution for Any Rubik’s cube, Cuihao, a physics PhD student, taught us how to use concepts like commutator, conjugate and parity to solve any magic cube on your own. He started from introducing concepts using a simplified puzzle light-out. Based on that, audience were guided step by step further into more complex cubes.

You can review the slides and exercise those techniques:

Download (PDF, 1.4MB)

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